Scaling in just x,y or z

I want to be able to scale a component in just one (or two) directions. As it looks now it is not possible. In the future? Robert

Hey! We are actively working on it. Could you share some use-cases in your workflow when you need a non-uniform scale? We want the tool to fit the exact user needs best.

I know this request has been asked for some time now.
In my opinion, it should work like the Copy-Move-Rotate tool. At default it appears at the centroid of the body or bodies ready to scale in true X, Y, or Z directions. Then one can move the anchor point to suit, whether along a surface or feature of the body you want to scale if it’s in a different orientation in 3D space.

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Hi! Of course. I’m working for a steel mill where we use to upgrade components from mild steel to high strength steel which normally is tougher to stamp. So for instance this control arm cannot be stamped this deep in high strength steel and needs to be somewhat flatened. Thus I only want to scale this component in z-direction. I very often work on geometries not made by my self so I play with scaling very much.

Thank you very much for the support.


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Hi @Robert_S,
In the case of the control arm, if there is a distance in the Z direction between one of the fixing points (the bigger hole in the upper right) and the wheel hub side (the three-hole end), it will be distorted by scaling the object in Z direction resulting in a different part. Wouldn’t it be a problem when applying the scale along only one axis?

Hello again,

I have another example in the picture.

I have designed this battery concept (in Shapr3D) for electric vehicles but need to adapt that to a specific car. I want to scale it in x and y but not in z (height). Also I don’t want to scale the battery cells (blue) and its cooling system.

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Hi Peter,

Yes you got a point there and for me this is the question between simplicity of the tool or a fully correct design. And I would say I could live with both. I’m doing design suggestions for customer and do not need to be that detailed and correct.

I see, thanks a lot