Scale only along x, y, or z?


Is it possible to also scale only along x, y, or z?

I seem only to be able to scale uniformly.


Currently only uniformly.



Any idea when this might get implemented?


Currently not planned, but if we see a good use-case for it… It would help :slight_smile: How would you use it?



I had created an object and realized that it was off by an inch. I wanted to enlarge it along the y axis to make it fit into another object without extending along the x axis at the same time. I solved it by going back and redoing the object and making sure that the measurements were more exact, just took longer because had to rebuild from scratch.


it is usually a good idea, to save your design at some steps to groups (duplicate them), hide them, and when you want to modify something, you don’t have to redo everything.


I’m looking to squash a 3D object along a plane in order to create a faux bas relief that can be 3D printed as a coin.

Also, I ran into this particular limitation in the software when I attempted to make a airfoil model. It’s most easily done by squashing a sphere in one dimension, and stretching it in another.

just saying…

Other than this one missing feature, I love this software. I’ve been able to sculpt some amazing stuff with Shapr3D.