Stretching or scaling in one dimension only

I am new to shapr, still using the free version and assessing it. I’m finding it to be mostly a remarkable app which can be learned very quickly, however I have had a couple of issues.
I am trying to find a way of stretching and object, or to put it another way scaling in one dimension only. I did a bit of searching and found a number of historical posts and references to people requesting this which didn’t seem to lead too far. These go back a couple of years and it looked as though at the time the shapr team did not seem to appreciate the need for such functionality. Has anything changed and is there any means of doing this efficiently?
I mainly use shapr to design furniture, and one of the key aspects of such design is getting the proportionality right. So having produced an initial prototype design it often has to be stretched or compressed in various dimensions to get a nice-looking proportion. If the piece consists of rectilinear components this can be achieved with a bit of effort using extruded. However if designing something like an organic shaped chair then this approach does not work.
To give an example of what I’m referring to, there is a YouTube video showing experienced user building a model of the Eames lounge chair (link below). This video demonstrates both the skill of the user and the capacity of shapr 3d. However the user has the benefit of knowing the correct proportions and dimensions in advance. I’m quite sure that when Charles and Henry Eames developed their prototype they would have had to have stretched and pushed the initial concept in various directions to get things right. It is still common in chair design for designers to build a full-scale mockup to achieve this. Such adjustments should be easy in a system like shapr and as best I can figure it currently isn’t so.
Any advice on this matter or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hi @MurrayWP, thank you for your feedback, we know that this feature is a missing one. Although single dimension scaling is not available yet, direct modeling makes it possible to just select certain faces and move them to get the shape you are looking for

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Hi Peter, thanks very much for that suggestion. Unfortunately I think it has limited application for what I want to do, sometimes doesn’t work on very complex objects and won’t work globally on a complete object.
I believe there were a few historical requests in this forum going back some time, for this functionality. The response at the time seem to be that it would be implemented, is this still the case?

Thanks again Murray

Hi @MurrayWP, I totally see your point. Non-uniform scaling is on our timeline :slight_smile: