Mass-selecting elements, bodies & objects

I’ve noticed in other apps, there’s a lasso tool to mass-select a number of elements simultaneously for scaling/moving/deleting/etc. How is this achieved in Shapr3D?

In the attached screenshot, I have a series of tables I’ve sketched. Say that I want to quickly select all the elements of each table and move these around quickly in the environment. I assume the GROUPS feature helps highlight elements, but does it also provide the functionality I’m looking for above? Or is there a quicker more streamlined option for mass-selection with the intent to modify?


thanks. yea it would be pretty quick & seamless to just circle a serious of elements (and then create a group in seconds). Would really take advantage of the flexibility of the Pencil.


YES, I second the comment. I also use an iPad app call Umake. In Umake all you have to do it hold your finger down on the lasso icon and use the pincel to circle said objects. I have to many small objects to have to tap on them one by one.

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We are already working on this. Will be shipped in a few weeks.


Any news on this feature?

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It was bumped back on our product roadmap in the meantime - sorry about this. Not sure when it will come, some difficulties arose with the implementation, and priorities changed (we are working currently on making sure the basic interactions are well-rounded

I feel as though this feature should be considered a basic interaction.
It is really a pretty glaring flaw in the software not to have a lasso tool for multiple selections.

I don’t know if it is copyrighted but the AutoCAD implementation of lasso left and lasso right having different selection criteria is useful.

Having a dialog box pop up after a lasso tool operation giving an option to select Sketches, Edges, Faces or Bodies would be very helpful

I agree whole hardedly.

Just still wondering on your company’s timeline for this? To make the statement that this feature would be shipped in a few weeks, then not deliver on that and offer no personal follow up is disappointing.

Sorry about that. I am pretty sure that we will implement it this year.

I simply open the layers panels showing all items as a list in the bottom left, select the items quickly from there. That works for a relatively small and/or well organized workspace.

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Hello, I’m new to this great product.

Wondering if there’s a way to select a large group of objects yet. Especially now that we have mouse and touch pad support. I’m in the process of creating a device that will have hundreds of pillars of varying widths and heights and I’d like to select a portion of them to modify them, delete them…

Just put all of them in the same folder. Then when you select the folder in the item list, everything in it will be selected.

Roger that. I’m wondering if there’s a way to select them without having to use the folder structure. As this is a drawing package, it’d be nice if I could use my “drawing tools” to select, deselect…multiple objects in the design environment, like in SketchUp and virtually every other 3D rendering software package. Similar question to the original poster. Such as a lasso, or loop, box… where I’d drag it over a section of my drawing to select or highlight. Thanks

Not yet. I think that may be on their short list of future features.

Copy that. Thanks sir