Researching here and found posts from 2017, but no answers. Is there a way to multiselect objects. Is there a lasso tool in the works?



Sketches: Tap on individual Lines/Curves or within Closed Shapes to make Selections.
If you ‘mis-tap’ the Selections ‘lost’ can be regained by tapping Undo.

Bodies: Tap on individual Edges, similar results to that in Sketches can be achieved.

Items List: Open Items, Bottom Left of Design Screens, multiple Selection can be made by tapping on Items/Folders needed. E.g., a whole Sketch, whole Folders or separate Objects within Folders.

A Lasso Tool does not exist at present, but it has often been requested. The S3D Team work hard to provide features dependent on well considered aspects of the whole ‘wish’ list.
Hopefully your voice will be counted as a +1?

There has been a couple of prototypes, and as @Gelphyn mentioned it is a sought out feature. Not sure when it will come out, but I would say it’s quite high on our prio list (no ETA yet).

I am definitely wanting to add my +1 to this feature request.

Any update on this feature?