Feature Suggestions


After using Shapr3D for Windows quite a bit, here are the suggestions I have to improve workflow or to make it work in a way that is more uniform with other applications:

  • When exporting, remember the last filename and extension so that it doesn’t have to be continuously input. This is very tedious when prototyping.
  • Get rid of the sub-menu for import, export and Settings and move them to the main menu bar.
  • Implement common Windows hotkeys - Ctrl+S to export with last settings (filename and type) and no prompt, Ctrl+Shift+S to export with a Windows Save As file prompt with the previous file name and extension populated, F2 to rename files and folders in the menu pane.
  • Ctrl+F is implemented, but not documented.
  • Consider reserving single keys for hotkeys for “Sketch, Add, Transform” and only open the search box when using Ctrl+F, or potentially Ctrl+Spacebar.
  • Add an option in Settings when saving to either overwrite (default) or append a version number to the filename when saving/exporting.
  • When creating a folder, have it automatically prompt for a folder name, similar to Windows Explorer.
  • Allow user-specified folder for the Designs directory. If this is implemented on iPad and Windows, this would enable the ability to work on a model between the two platforms using cloud storage, rather than the pain of exporting to cloud on one platform, and re-importing to cloud on another platform.

That said, I’ve been really enjoying the ability to use the application cross-platform, keep up the great work!