Few questions

Hi all good people,

After evening design session with Shapr3D at Windows I have some questions.

Drawing: How to add dimension tolerance? +/- 0.5 or H6 or +1/-0

How to hide grid and coordinate system ? I need white background screenshot.

Nice to have:
Can you add folders option in main UI Design tab? So design components can be grouped per projects. Right now imagine browsing 90 items. If do expect few hundred files after quarter of work, so file management needs some effort to organize. Some scalability , bookmarks to windows folders would help.

Maybe add hard drive folder view where I store .sharpr files with preview.

Le Papa


Welcome – and thanks for checking out Shapr3D. Unfortunately, all the things you mentioned are things that we’re working on but not yet possible.

Screenshot exports are the closest, due in 1-2 months the latest. Tolerances are a bit further out, bit still within 6 months or so according to our current plans. Grouping designs better is also on our backlog, though we’re still exploring our possibilities there.


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