Assembly - Tolerances - Title block etc

Hello Guys!

First of all I would like to congratulate for the idea and that you have started this software development. What we can use today under the business option it is working very well. But…
There are a lot of missing function:

  • assembly tool
  • no tolerances, can not change the title box
  • simple 3D modelling features
  • etc…

When do you plan to improve the software with the minimum basic features for 3D modelling and drafting?
I’m asking that because you requested a really high price for a software which is (sorry for that) only 30% ready for real CAD work engineering point of view.
I really waiting for these improvements, because I would like to purchase this CAD software, but without these features for this price we have much more better option.
It would be great also if you can add for the Standard package the technical drawing and pdf export option. This could be a very big advantage for a hobby user.

Thank you in and keep it up!

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What do you miss the most?

Sweep and hole (with thread options) command would be useful

Have you tried the Sweep tool in Shapr3D? What did you miss from it?


  • Align assemblies or several marked bodies and not just a single body
  • Embossing, wrapping of sketches on body
  • Sheet metal function: simple addition of tabs
  • unwinding of bent sheet metal parts
  • Free scaling in X, Y and Z

The least that is missing to seriously use Shapr3d in the industry:

Windows version with mouse:

  • Multiple selection with Shift very cumbersome (If you often work with the Shapr3D pen version, you would like to be able to use the multiple selection as comfortably as possible. Currently these are two completely different methods and the constant change kills the flow)
  • Navigation (rotating) with Shift too cumbersome (Windows users have mice with 3 buttons)
  • Support of the SpaceMouse
  • Free navigation and key assignment


  • Calculator function in the input mask
  • Enter the diameter for circles
  • Chamfers and roundings in sketches for 2D elements
  • Tool for spiral and helix
  • Hide selected elements and use them as assemblies.
  • Symmetry of the spline control line endpoints
  • Create a polygon by specifying the width across flats

I don’t write anything about drawing derivation and synchronization of files, it’s your turn.
A dark mode in Windows is not necessary, but I still miss it. : =)

Thank you Pascal, we’ve already collected these from your previous comments. We really appreciate your feedback.

Ohh, unfortuntely I missed, but now I tried and looks fine. Thank you

Great to hear that. For assemblies, have you tried the Align tool? While it’s not a “real” assembly feature, Shapr3D users often use it to create assemblies.