Filming in AR

Is there an app or would Shapr3D would consider a way to be able to film my models in AR with my iPad Pro. I really like to take pictures of them but being able to make movie out of them would increase my creativity.

I found nothing in the AppStore or on Internet.

May be I missed something.


Have you tried simply recording your screen?

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Thank you for your quick response.

Yes I did it but I can only record in 4x3 aspect.

I found this strange that I cannot find anything on the Web for that purpose.

There is Adobe Aero but the files type that I can export are not compatible with it.

The OBJ file end up boxy

You can export to USDZ which can be easily converted to GLB/GLTF which seems to be supported by Adobe Aero.

I will try even though than it also only record in 4x3.

Thank you very much.

would you still consider adding video recording directly within the app.

This is a bit out of our focus, our primary focus is manufacturing and product design. If we see more demand for this, we’ll definitely consider implementing it.

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I understand.

Thank you very much

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