Finding Intersection Quickly

I am currently having to run a two step process to find the intersection just to draw a line across a box and was wondering if there was a faster more efficient way to do this. I made a 1 min video explaining what’s going on - please help.


Thank You!

Hi James,
with the apple-pencil (at least without hover-functionallity - it would be nice to know if this works with the hover-feature of the latest iPad Pro) there seems to be no way to find the intersect-point - you need to place the curser over the enpoint for a while to activate the snapping-fuction. That is impossible with the apple-pencil (Without hover-capability).
If you connect a mouse to the iPad it works like a charm (or on Windows):

Cheers Matt


Hello again James,
I spend another thought or two on this topic:
You might as well change your workflow according the restrictions of the available hardware and sketch the vertical line first, then add the horizontal line (in connection to both verticals) and set its length to 2".
Cheers Matt


There are 2 ways to get guidelines by using an Apple Pencil.

  1. During sketching, you can rest above elements to “collect” them as guiding rules or
  2. Select the entities first

In your case, select the endpoint, which will give you a vertical and a horizontal guideline creating 2 intersections. You can use those as start- and endpoint. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hey Zoltan,
that makes me feel a little stupid, but you are of course right:
I avoided selecting the point with the pencil, because I had in mind, that this will set the startpoint of the next line, what is not necessarily the case (as long as I do not drag the pen-tip), as I learned now!
Thanks a lot!
Cheers Matt