First-time launch experience


I’ve been watching Shapr3D closely for a while now (in fact, I’d probably be a paid subscriber by now if only it had history-based parametric modeling). I recently thought it would be a good idea to install it on my child’s iPad, so that she can try 3d modeling.

I would suggest someone at the company go through the startup experience, thinking “how do I get to actually drawing stuff as quickly as possible”. Getting through the barrage of un-closable popup windows, prompts and questionnaires is tiring (notification permissions? seriously?), and then you get landed in a tutorial which is difficult (or impossible?) to quit. After several restarts we managed to quit, refuse to log in, and finally get a modeling workspace, but then Shapr3D thinks that the modeling tool is not present (it is), and choosing Apple Pencil again forces you into the tutorial which you can’t quit.

Much of the software these days is too self-centered. I write this because I know that when developing software every day one might have a narrower view. Perhaps this will serve as a heads-up — we gave up on the app for now.

Hi @jwr, great feedback, thanks. For someone who already knows the app, this must be super annoying, having to go through the tutorial again. But that experience is designed for those who are completely new to Shapr3D, and without it they would be lost. But you are right that the amount of modal dialogs could be reduced a bit.


I understand that, but I also believe that the user should have the option of canceling the tutorial.

May I humbly suggest that you go through the entire initial setup yourself, on a fresh install, two times in a row, making the best effort to provide all information as required by the app? (I’m suggesting this as a software author, I write software myself and I know that one doesn’t always realize how things look and work for new users).

according to Your conversation guys, is there any way to turn off the little tutorial window that pops up everytime I’m using options? For example, when I chose a body, the popup shows me the turorial of transform tool (I’ve been a happy user of Shapr3D for 7 months, I know how to use it :slight_smile: ) . I don’t need these tutorials on my screen anymore when I’m designing.

Even if it leads to higher frustration, lower engagement, and higher churn?

I (we) do. Several times before every every release.

They should only appear once. Do you get them more than once?

Yes, everytime. No matter which tool I use I get these tutorial popups at the top of my screen. I’ve searched my settings menu but couldn’t find the way to turn it off.

Here You can download a quick screen record with the issue -->

Yes. The user should be in control. An unfortunate side effect will be that some users will do stupid things and become frustrated. But users are human and that’s just something we should accept.

(I also doubt there is direct correlation between a cancel button in the tutorial and frustration/churn, but I have no data on that, so I’m not discussing it)

Oh, you mean the hints. You can’t turn those off.

It would be nice if we could turn the tips off. I’m on the OG 9.7” iPad Pro and every inch of screen space is vital. I understand their usefulness. Trust me, I’ve used them many, many times. But I’ve reached the point they aren’t useful and would like that screen space back.

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Hints are annoying for me also.
While I’m focusing on some point of the sketch it appears.

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Yes, that would make sense, or being able to shrink it, like the measurement panel in the bottom.


Also would be nice a toogle for subtitle of the tools pictograms.
After some experince enough to see the pictograms and more clear space on the screen

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Yea, hints - didn’t know that word, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: . It would be nice having the option to turn them off. They are very helpfull for newbies but what is the purpose of showing them to all of us who already know the tools? As @realdrogo mentioned, we like clear screen :slight_smile: .

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We have popup windows with videos too. Those are showed only once.