Flared Cylinder


Ahhhh! You deleted the topic while I was creating a video… :rofl:

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Thanks @Macher,

I know some people don’t always watch or follow the tutorial videos especially if it doesn’t appear to apply to their specific need. I’m always happy to help someone whenever I have a few minutes (or hours) to spare.

I initially had an issue making the circle tangent to the line no matter which order I selected the items. The lines were jumping all over the place. A restart of my MacBook solved that issue.

However, I still had to lock the 1 3/16" vertical line as each time I attempted to draw the 17/32" vertical line at 2:19 in the video it caused the 1 3/16" line to shorten slightly pulling the lower 1/4" line up with it.

It only took a few minutes to model this but each time something went wrong or didn’t work as expected and I had to stop recording and start over (around 20 times). It took me around an hour just to produce a few minutes of modelling :rofl:

I’m still on 5.152 with no option to update to the latest version. I’m hoping that the issue will be resolved once updated :thinking:

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You should see the option to update in app store, the latest version is 5.163 which has lots of improvements :wink: Or if you use the website version, you can download the latest and update.

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I’ve had this issue a few times in the past where an update has been made available but I can’t see it.

I’ve been to the App Store and the only option is “OPEN” not “UPDATE”.

It usually takes a few days for the update to appear for me but this time it’s been more than a few days :slightly_frowning_face:

I just downloaded the latest version from the web. Thanks.
I think stress and tiredness are affecting my brain :rofl:


I’ve just updated to the latest version and there is indeed much improvement.

I am now able to tangent a circle with a line and depending on which item I select first determines which item moves and which item remains static.

Also, I no longer have the issue with the line shortening when I attempt to draw a line along an existing line.

@Laci_K, However, I did notice that it’s the reverse of how the align tool works.

With the align too, you first select the body you wish to remain static and then select the body you wish to have aligned with it.

With the tangent tool, you first select the item you wish to move and then select the static item you wish to tangent with.

Would it be possible to have the option to adjust this behaviour (order of selection) in preferences in a future update?

Would it solve the issue for you if we’d reverse constraining order behavior to match how the Align tool works (so the last selected item would remain static)?


That would seem the most natural solution.

The mindset I use is ‘pick an item and move it to another location’.

pick up a chair and place it next to the table - not stand at the table and summons the chair
pick up an egg and place it in the carton - not summon the egg to the carton.

With the align tool I currently select a body and align it with another (static) body.
With the tangent too I would prefer to select the circle and make it tangent with a (static) line.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Naturally, this is my own personal preference and might not suit everyone.
This is why I suggested the option to change the behaviour in ‘preferences’ to suit individual needs.


Thanks for your input. A little background on why we implemented this the way we did: when we introduce features that exist in other CAD tools we also consider aligning to these standards to aid adaptation. In this case this happened to be the opposite selection logic of what you expected and learned using other modeling tools in Shapr, and I agree that this is not optimal. I don’t want to commit to an exact version number yet, but we have a solution to this, created a ticket and will pick it up as soon as we can so there will be an option to reverse constraining order logic in Constraints Settings, hopefully somewhere in the next few releases.


Wow! Thanks so much for this. I look forward to the implementation. I’m sure a lot of users will be happy to see this :slightly_smiling_face:

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