Forcetouch support on the trackpad?

I was wondering if there’d be support for the deeper clicks on the trackpad? such as when in the designs menu instead of long clicking, do a hard click to go into the select mode, or something? I think it could add a lot of functionality to the application.

Hey @poastoast

No plans to do that at the moment. It is a relatively unknown gesture, which can be replaced in most cases (eg. longtap to select entire body) with the more standard double click. Also, doing a Force Click during dragging (drawing the spline) requires quite a bit of dexterity, not everyone is capable of.

What is the problem you would like to be solved with it?

not 100% on anything super. specific atm, just got the beta on about a week ago.

at least, I was thinking it can be used as a sort of shortcut to select files in the designs menu.