Annoying new iPad/Apple Pencil select features

EDIT (for overly negative post) I want to just say first of all, I really do love this app and I use it almost every day! It has most of the features I need to make fully professional layouts, drawings, models, etc, and what it doesn’t have is being added regularly. And being able to design with the pencil is amazing! I truly love it, but…

Has anyone else been annoyed by the new drag select features on the iPad and Apple Pencil? I mean, drag select is a good idea generally, but they have replaced the long click to select a solid body with long click to enter one of two states of drag select. As neither of these as full body selections, only face selection by partial or total select, it leaves the on only other way to select full solid bodies with the pencil as a double tap. Personally, I find the double tap nearly impossible to work with. It invariably selects two lines or a line and a face instead of selecting the entire body, or if making many multiple selections (which is frequently) it is far too easy to accidentally double tap on the background and deselect the entire collection. Too frustrating for words! The long click to select full bodies was my workaround for this, and now it’s gone and replaced with something that doesn’t work very well at all. Please return the long click select to it’s previous state, or better still, make use of the Apple pencil’s in-built double finger tap to allow switching between selection modes.

Also, the tweak to the look focus is driving me nuts! I keep unintentionally pinch zooming millions of miles away into the background.


@JRRYAN thank you for your feedback. Selection is certainly something that we will keep refining and will make sure to incorporate your insights into our thinking. As to the focus lock change, that will be fixed in the next release.


Hey @JRRYAN, thanks for your feedback, as Matyi said, we will keep refining the interactions. In the meantime, you can select entire bodies by filtering for Bodies Only in the thumb menu while selecting. If you started area selecting towards the purple half (partial or crossing), then all what you need is just a tiny move of the Pencil to select the body under the Pencil.


Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I’m looking forward to this being addressed as it has killed my productivity. David, I don’t think I’m “getting” your solution, but if you’re suggesting that drag select works to select bodies it doesn’t. It selects faces of bodies, not whole entities like the double pencil tap or the formerly long click. Also, you have to drag the pencil a little ways just to engage the drag select and then a little ways more to actually select, by which time you have ended up selecting all sorts of other stuff, especially if you are zoomed out or selecting smaller components. Then there is the multi select aspect. Drag select only works well when the entities that are to be selected are immediately next to one another (or it is easy to unselect a few from a larger initial selection). If you need to select multiple bodies from various places around the model, often with the need to change viewing angle in between, then drag select isn’t great as it ends up taking much longer to build a selection. It’s not something I’ll give up using shapr3d over, but at the moment it feels like it has been made actively worse to use rather than better. If I got your instructions wrong, please show me what you mean, because if there is a simple workaround I’d like to know it.

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There is a selection filter option on the left during the dragging gesture.


Thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t notice the thumb menu. It does help, and makes the tool much more valuable, but it still isn’t the solution I was hoping for. The action of dragging to engage the select tool, then changing the filter to bodies, then trying to accurately select the body under the pencil is very cumbersome and in many cases it is inappropriate as it selects all of the bodies under the pencil, not just the closest one, but all overlapping bodies underneath. Also it requires a small drag movement of several pixels square, and that makes it much less accurate than the old long click.

As a double clicker, I think it works great, especially now that you pointed out the context menu that pops up. Now I only want the option to turn off the auto drawing function as I’ve never liked that behavior.

Has anyone else been annoyed by the new drag select features on the iPad and Apple Pencil ? I mean, drag select is space bar clicker a good idea generally, … If you have difficulty using the gestures for Apple Pencil space bar clicker (2nd generation) on supported iPad models, you can adjust the settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Apple Pencil