Selecting a body should be <keypress> + click, not double-click

Double-clicking is a horrible UX paradigm. It is time consuming, requires serious fine motor control, and, worst of all, is unreliable on low-end or busy machines (sometimes the second click is registered outside of the double-click temporal window, due to the machine being consumed with other tasks).

Selecting a body should be something like COMMAND + click or SHIFT + click.

Thank you.

Hi @benaston, I understand that you don’t like double clicks. We decided to use the double click gesture for selecting bodies and connected sketches because it’s a widely known and easy-to-discover pattern. Many other tools (not just CAD systems) use the same pattern. Also it’s aligned with how Shapr3D works on touch&pen devices like the Microsoft Surface or the iPad Pro.


My argument still stands, regardless of what other tools do. You don’t have to remove double-clicking: keypress + click could be added as a more reliable/faster alternative.

I hear you, and I understand that you’d prefer to have an alternative to double clicking. We prefer to be careful about adding additional interactions to Shapr3D to avoid making the product bloated over time. If this request will come up frequently, we’ll definitely consider implementing it.

The issue with double-clicking is compounded by the fact that single-clicking on a body (note that double clicks are frequently interpreted as single clicks for the reasons I gave above) also has a [completely different] function (selecting a face), taking the user one step down completely the wrong path, which they then have to back out of. Poor UX.

I understand that you don’t like it. We always try to make Shapr3D better every day. UX is particularly important for us. I appreciate your feedback, we will keep monitoring this problem on our usability tests and user feedback channels.