Found a crash (Redo Import)

Reproducibility: 100%

I found a crash.

  • Steps to reproduce
    • Open a new drawing
    • import gears.dxf
    • move the gear drawing to anywhere (I just slightly drag it)
    • On keyboard do Undo (CTL-Z) to put the object back to the starting point
    • On keyboard do Undo a second time (CTL-Z) removes the imported file
    • On keyboard to Redo (SHIFT-CTL-Z) and the app will crash with the attached stack trace.

This is the gear demo from the DXF / DWG wrong paths thread. (21.2 KB)

Crash Log

Hopefully, you can symbolicate this:

Process: Shapr3D [99823] (43.3 KB)

This no longer crashes in Version 3.57.0 (726)

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