We Need a recover from autosave function Seriously!

My all-day work has been ruined by importing a screw step file that must be glitched, and now my only project is looped in “tessellating bodies” forever.
Seriously, we need a “recover save” function and a stand-alone project management feature like every other 3D software

Can you please let us know what version of Shapr3D are you using on what platform? There may be some sensitive info - especially the workspace you are working with - needed for proper support, if you do not wish to share them publicly, please feel free to answer these questions in a support ticket

The version is Version 5.132.0 (3237) for both M1 iPadPro and M1 iMac
My point is not to save my ruined project, shit happens all the time, that’s why we need a save recover feature.

And there are some glitches apparently come with some twisted shape like screws and springs, I’ve seen them quite a lot like this