Free form translate?


I’ve been using Shapr3D for a few hours and have worked through all the videos. I’m hoping I have missed something very simple but I can’t find a way to do two things:

  1. Free form translate. For instance, I’m trying to draw pacman. If I create a base circle for the head and then a smaller circle for the eye, I’d like to be able to grab the smaller circle and precisely position it. At the moment, I can only seem to move it in either a vertical or horizontal direction with the translate tool. Surely it should be possible to grab the eye and drag it around to the correct position?

  2. Copy and paste. I can’t figure out a straightforwards way to copy a shape. Is this possible?

Thanks and well done on what seems a very promising app.


Created 2 quick videos. Hope these help.

1 // You can do this by dragging the mid point (eye) of the circle. To activate it, you have to select the outline of the circle and than you can just drag the circle around.

2 // To copy a Shape you need to use the Transform tool, select the shape, set the Copy to “YES”. Every time you move the object, it will make a copy as long as it is set to “YES”, so make sure to move the object only once. If it is set to copy = yes, and you move it 5mms and than 5 mms again, that would create 2 new copies. Once you copy the object, just the copy = no and you can continue moving it around.

I think that you missed that you can use the transform tool without switching to rotate/translate.
To do so, just select the transform tool, (second button on the left) and select objects that you want to transform. Use the arrows to rotate and translate the object. You may want to watch the short tutorial by tapping on the (i) icon on the name of the transform tool.

Thank you both of you for such thorough explanations and videos! Really helpful. What a great product!


Sure thing, we are always happy to help. Let us know if you need any assistance.

If you need an explanation anywhere else, let us know. We will create more videos in the future to help our users. So if something is not 100% clear how to do, just tell us, and we’ll add that to the list as well.

I’d love to see a video !!