New version: 0.2.4

Hi everyone,
here’s a quick but quite impactful update for Shapr3D:

New feature:

  • You can now copy any of your shapes (or more of them simultaneously) by selecting the Move tool and tapping on ‘Copy’ in the properties panel!

Fixes, other stuff:

  • Pressing the pencil when sketching should be a more pleasurable experience thanks to some refined algorithms
  • There should be a lot less crashes now when using freeform, boolean or the offset tools
  • Lots of bugs squashed

We hope you like these improvements, your feedback - as always - is really appreciated!

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(it will be out in about an hour, depending on the length of the validation process of Testflight)

Just tried the copy function - absolutely fantastic! - really like the way it is integrated with the move/rotate tool - suddenly shapr3d just got a whole lot more powerful - thanks guys!