Simple: Select a number of shapes, copy, and paste…

I’m on a Mac, although I sometimes use the iPad too, and can’t seem to figure ut something pretty rudimentary.

I am trying to make a number of shapes that are based on similar 2-D shapes. I create the first 2D shape, which consists of some concentric circles. I select all, and then I try to copy so I can then paste it multiple times. The Edit menu is grayed out, and ⌘-C does not work. I don’t see a Duplicate menu item either. I’d love a hint. I’ve watched some of the starting videos, but didn’t see this in there.

Hey – welcome to the forums and to Shapr3D in general!

Take a look at this manual page on tips about how to copy elements:

(TLDR: the easiest way is to toggle the “Copy” badge when using the move/rotate gizmo)

If you want to create a repeated pattern, you might also want to check out how to do patterns in 2D and in 3D.