New user, would like to elaborate.

Hello folks.

I recently got introduced to Sharp3D, I’m very positive about it since it has speed up my drawing/designing process. I mainly design furniture and house components, shapr3D is perfect for this purpose. Especially the fact that it’s so easy to get proper technical drawings from the designs convinces me to keep using it and start paying after the trial.

There’s one major feature I’m missing, that is the possibility to copy and paste objects. An thereby I mean copying them to a clipboard so you can easily move parts from your drawing to a new drawing/document.

Also this would be easing the copying to another spot within the same document. At the moment I need to switch orthogonal views to position a once copied shape to the place I want it to be in. Also when you press the copy button, then drag the object, the copy function is still on, resulting in making a copy for every repositioning. It would be better that the copying function turns off after the first movement for copying is made.
If there would be a copying function with clipboard, you can already roughly position a shape by pasting in the right spot.

Best regards, FabrikaForma.