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First I’d like to draw a shelving unit to fit into a corner. It involves extruding in a number of directions and I lose the lines of the new rectangle I’m trying to make and have to flip from view to view to find it. I can’t figure out how to move entire objects without changing their shape. It shows this in a tutorial but it won’t work on my system. I’d like to be able to create objects like tables and chairs and save them. I think I need a very basic tutorial.

Hi, can you send some screenshots/videos explaining exactly what doesn’t work on your system? Then I’m sure we can help you.

I’ve drawn the door surround successfully and am working on a set of shelves that will continue on top of the door. The first shelf is off because I didn’t take into account the 18mm support. I can’t nudge the shelf into place. I’ve drawn a line where the next shelf should be but it’s very complicated to draw it because the other shelf is in the way when I try. I imagine this will be very easy once I’ve figured out how to do it. I used to use Vector works extensively where I could extrude and group and nudge and snap things into place. This is a drawing for builders to build the shelves so it must be relatively accurate. Any pointers would be welcome, thank you for your very quick response!

Caroline Wilson

Have you checked out the transform tools? Translate+rotate+mirror. Those tools let you precisely position you objects. Also in the “free transform” mode, you can set the pivot point of the transform, that can be useful as well.

Hey Caroline,

Took some time to quickly draw a “how to create and transform a shelf” tutorial for you. Very basic, but I think this will help! :slight_smile:

That’s amazing! Thank you.

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You’re welcome! :sunny: