Translate problem


I’m a complete newby, only been using for a few days.

Trying to create an elbow as follows:

Created 2 concentric circles
Selected disc then extrude up to make tube
Created a triangle and extrudes across tube to give a 45deg end profile
Transform freeform copy and rotate

To bring the 2 parts together to form 90 deg elbow tried using translate, selected both objects,tick, selected to and from points, tick,tick, and a connecting line is formed between the points, ticked to confirm and …nothing moved.

Have tried following usb plug tutorial but same results.

Please help

Hi - I’m having a hard time understanding the flow, would you be able upload a video of the process?

Translate 1 2iCloud Drive

Hi Daniel
Thanks for getting back to me. Bit of learning curve but managed to make a movie and hopefully upload.

Well that didn’t go very well :frowning: as a new user I can’t upload, apparently.

I think I’ve sent you a link to a iCloud video, again all new stuff to me.


Hi Andy- I’m not able to open it, would you be able to send it to me directly:
Either the link or the video itself.