Help with moving line for an object already

Hi all… I’m fairly new to CAD work and I’m trying something new to me… So, I’ve drawn an object using nothing but lines for a project I’m considering. Once the object had all sides connected, I pulled it from a 1d object to a 3D and gave it a 1.4mm thickness for now…

So, once I printed it I found that it wasn’t quite the right shape and I want to adjust some of the lines but am not sure how to do that now that all points are connected AND the object has been extruded (or whatever you call the push/pull operation) to give it a depth/thickness. What is the best way to achieve this sort of task in Shapr? Thanks! For reference I’m including a pic that shows some of what I’m working on — just a fragment

Hi @ps23Rick Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
Click to open Items this can be found at the Bottom Left of the Screen next to the Undo-Redo Icons.

With Items Open click on the ‘eye’ Icon next to Body 01, this will be true if you have only created a single Body, clicking on the ‘eye’ Hides the Body.

You should now see the Sketch that was used to create the Body, it should be on Sketch plane 01.

Make the adjustments needed to the Sketch and the Pull Up the New Body, now labelled Body 02.

You can leave Body 01 hidden or Delete it as appropriate.

If this does not help just shout.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Thanks! That worked perfectly!!! Off to the races now! Thanks so much!!!

Thank you for the feedback, glad to hear you can make progress.

I would suggest these terms:
Double Arrows - Push or Pull ‘up-through-whatever’.
Possibly reserve Extrude for use with Tools > Extrude.

Thanks! Will do!