Furniture - Working with large and small objects in the same design


Seems to me that this is easily done using the Offset tool and possibly Construction planes. Don’t understand why this seems to be a scale problem.

I am working on a building and regularly do detail work (say a light switch) with no problem. For small detailed items, it is often better to create separately and then Move them to their correct position.


Hope this helps…



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Must have missed the offset line option along the way

Yes that should make a big difference for me

Still doesn’t explain the dimension being miles away from where you are working though

Thank you


I have noticed the far away dimension once or twice. It’s because the view point is far away, I think. It is similar to when you enlarge an angled set of lines. You will eventually approach an angle that can’t fit the view point and it seems to blow up.

I saw this when learning how to approach designs. Have never had further problems. Good luck…