Offset / inset issue

Having an issue with the offset tool, when I’m trying to inset it won’t show anything smaller than 6mm, even if I input the dimension into th box… it just vanishes - where am I going wrong?

Hi - we have been having problems with the offset tool, but it will be fixed in our next big release.

In the meantime, could you share a picture, it would help us solve the issue.

Thanks Daniel,

I’ve found a workaround which has kept me going, basically I inset my shape by 6.75 mm moved the inner piece the offset the new piece by 5mm which got me the -1.75mm I was after the just overlaid this into my original… this might help others for now with irregular shapes?

I’ve attached 2 screenshots as requested you can see at -6mm it’s ther but at anything less I.e -3 it’s gone…

Hope this helps?

Thanks, it helped a lot.

This is probably a bug, we are working on the 3.0 offset tool, and it already looks better.

Until now, the workaround you mention is the solution here, when there arcs in the sketch. Thanks for sharing