Get piece measurements

I designed this project and I want to lay it out so u can get the right amount of wood and be efficient. I duplicated my piece and projected it down but I can’t get the measurements to display. If I could I’d be Easy to do this. Help

From your ScreenShot it appears the ‘component layout’ area is on the same Plane as the Sketch below the Body.
If this is the case simply Select all the component Lines and Lock each Dimension.

If all of the component Lines are not on the same Plane Duplicate the Design.

To Duplicate hit the 4 Rectangles Icon [Design Thumbnails] at Menu top left and in the Screen that opens choose Duplicate from the Options top right.

In any event is probably a good idea to work with the components separately.

Use the ‘copy’ and delete everything other than the component rectangles, and continue work from there.

Move the component rectangles individually to obtain the best layout for the Board Size to be used.
If you know the thickness+tooth clearance/kerf dimension of the Circular [?] Saw set the rectangles apart appropriately.

I kind of understand what you mean. Is there any chance I could talk to you over the phone? Or do a live explanation? I am considering the pro version but I would like to be more comfortable before making a decision.

I don’t understand the planes and I am trying to figure out the dimensions. Is there a video that goes over this? I only do woodworking.

Hi Luke, what happens when you tap on the lines to have the dimension visible and then tap on the lock icon?
Here’s a short video on how to lock dimensions to make them stay visible:


If you still need assistance I am happy to work with you using any reasonable means of communication. Note that from the Units you are using for Dimensions it appears that we may be on opposite sides of the pond?
May I suggest that the first few responses could be made via this Thread?
I understand that you need to learn about Planes, so would kick off on that topic.
After a couple of exchanges you will be able to evaluate whether this will be useful ongoing.
Then you can decide to continue or let me know what would work best for you.