Gear Tool

Subject: Request for Adding Gear Design Feature in CAD Software

Dear Shapr3D-Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to suggest an important feature that could greatly enhance the capabilities of your CAD software. I would like to request the implementation of a gear design option within the software.

The ability to design gears directly in the CAD software would be immensely valuable for engineers, designers, and hobbyists working on various mechanical projects. Gears are crucial components in many mechanical systems, and having a dedicated gear design feature would streamline the design process and save considerable time and effort.

Here are the key functionalities I believe should be included in the gear design option:

  1. Gear Types and Parameters: Users should be able to select from various gear types, such as spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, and worm gears. They should also have the flexibility to define key parameters, including module, number of teeth, pressure angle, pitch diameter, and gear ratio.

  2. Gear Relations: It is crucial to incorporate gear relations within the software. This would allow users to establish proper gear interactions by defining gear pairs, gear ratios, and transmission requirements. Enabling users to specify gear relations would facilitate the accurate design of complex gear systems.

  3. Real-time Animation: To aid in the visualization and validation of gear designs, it would be highly beneficial to include an animation feature. This would allow users to simulate the rotation of the designed gears, observing their engagement, meshing, and overall performance. The ability to animate gear rotations would be particularly useful for verifying the functionality of the designed gear systems.

By incorporating these features, your CAD software would provide a comprehensive gear design solution, enabling users to design, analyze, and validate gear systems entirely within the software environment. This would eliminate the need for separate specialized gear design tools and simplify the overall design workflow.

I believe that the addition of a gear design feature would greatly enhance the usability and versatility of your CAD software, attracting a wider user base and establishing your software as a go-to solution for mechanical design professionals.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to seeing the potential implementation of this feature in future updates of your CAD software.

Best regards


Yes gears please. or at least for the interim can we have rotational arrays where you can input the number of copies in the rotate around object.

After months of using Shapr3d I only now figured out that the Pattern has a circular mode. But I still want gears.

Hi, I also think that a gear design tool would be a great addition to Shapr3D. A lot of us use the software to prototyping and 3D print tests. I hope you will add this usefull tool soon!
Thanks for your awsome work !