General discussion

If you’d just like to say hello to the other guys using the app.

Well I think I start with saying Hello!

My name is Tom from Germany and I am a software distributor for 3D software. Looking forward to test this app and see how it is going to evolve.

Will be a great time!

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After downloading the app and use it this afernoon I have to say the first impression is amazing.
The speed on the iPad Pro is great. No Lag when rotating the object. Love the UI and icons for all the tools.

Importing and exporting STEP files is working and after exporting a file I was able to work with it in MODO.

There are some issues, but that is normal for an initial beta version.

What I would like to see is a shortcut to center the view.

And I don’t like to click sounds when you use the Pencil. Sounds a bit like cracking the screen :wink:

Overall it is amazing and I can’t wait to be part of the development of the app. :wink:


hi Tom;

how can i download the app?

Didn’t you receive a Tesflight invite back in January?

Oh and read the topic about the public release.

Hello, the app is not released yet, few days to go… This forum was used communicate with beta testers, how did you find it? :slight_smile: