Testers wanted: we are refining the pencil interface

We are working on a new Pencil interface, and we would like to ask you guys to try it before we release it. Basically we eliminated the hated “press-to-draw” mechanism. If you want to help us testing this, just comment here, and I will add you to TestFlight in 24 hours. (No, we don’t need your Apple ID)

@awoodhead I am sure you want to try it :slight_smile:

Yes please. Would be good to try it out. Andy

Yes please Istvan I would like to try it even tho I have gotten used to the current method. It would be nice to compare :slight_smile: John

I think you guys gonna love it. This is how it should have been done. We even got rid of the spline/regular mode, and there aren’t any magical gestures to use :slight_smile:

I would love to since I was not really a big fan of the current method. Thanks so much!


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Most people are not. That’s why we started to rethink our entire UX from ground up. That’s a rather big step on our side.

Especially because we will have educate those users as well who love the current approach…

I admire a company that takes into account the users. Many companies can learn from you guys. Seems the only thing that drives anyone these days is greed. Most don’t care if you don’t like their software or not - especially those that have little competition in the market. They figure “only we can provide this so deal with it”.

On the other hand you guys are trying to accommodate what “we” need. To be honest - I would rather pay for something that does not have all the bells and whistles yet than an established product with no support and no communication with their customers.

Hats off to you guys - please don’t ever become another Adobe, Autodesk, etc. Nothing against their products - I use them, but good luck trying to suggest a change…




I would like to try it:sunglasses:

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I would love to help out as well.


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All right, I have added all of you guys to TestFlight. You should receive a notification when the beta review process is done, no more than couple of hours hopefully (yes, that’s a thing in TestFlight…)

Read the instructions carefully, and let me know if something is not clear.

Thank you sir… looking forward to it.

oh pick me oh pick me!

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Anyone receive the email yet? I have not gotten mine yet?



Nope, still processing #ilovetestflight

Ah ok… no problem… #HatePatience


Me too! Especially since I am on vacation and have lots of time to play!

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I’m interested, I don’t necessarily have a problem with the current method though.

I’d like to try it out too!

I would be happy to join the testers.

I have added all of you, you should have received an email with the TestFlight invite. See the instructions in the “What to test” section of the TestFlight app.