GORILLA CHAIR - real time game rendering

Did a test with the chair i made in Shapr3D

First time rendering in realtime for product work, no baked lighting, all dynamic Global illumination + raytraced reflections etc.

FYI, unreal engine 4 can import your shapr3d models in 1 click. It sets them up with UV’s basic materials and organizes it. So no need for unwrapping, optimizing, baking lowpoly meshes down.

From Shapr3d to finished render took 2hours. usually would have taken days. check it out :slight_smile:


Love it! :smiley:
What was the program you rendered it in? Didn´t catch it. Unreal engine 4?

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yeah!, unreal 4. with just dynamic lights, no baking. So didnt have anything to build :slight_smile:

Woah! That’s rad. That would look great in my office.

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