Shapr3D VR? Yes please

I think Shapr is an excellent candidate for VR. Interfaces that require traditional input devices (mouse and keyboard) don’t translate well to tablets nor VR. I have experienced no other UX like Shapr’s, and I think it would be incredible in VR. I’ve played around with a few drawing apps in VR, including my employer’s (shameless plug) Harmonix - Music VR, and creating content in virtual reality is otherworldly.

When you’re done with that, a sculpting app would be great, too. :smiley:

We had long-long discussions on this.

Short answer: yes, but not now.

A bit longer: VR is not there yet. I have been fooling around with some high-end VR kits, and they are good but not great. Latency is a serious issue, even with the most expensive VR kits, but what is the fundamental problem is that nobody knows yet what is going to be the input device for VR or AR. Most likely your hands, but are there any good or even OK solutions for that? No. Not even close.
However we also see a huge potential in Shapr for VR (or rather for AR), but not in the near future. But from a technical perspective it is doable, we could easily port Shapr to any other environment, and as soon as we will see 500k sold high-end VR kits with decent input devices/API, we will do it :slight_smile:

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