Grid mystery solved! I was creating a plane on the grid accidentally

I’m trying to select faces and edges and the grid keeps getting in my way, so i can only select the grid. Such a time waster

It’s like the grid is a fence or force field preventing me from using the app

Can you elaborate a bit? Actually you can’t select the grid, and you should be able to select objects behind it.

I have found that my system behaves similarly on infrequent occasions.
As this is not easily repeatable it has not been tendered as a problem.

My solution is to properly Exit and then Open the App again.
Note that Apple directions need to be followed to do this, simply dismissing the App and then switching back to it will not help matters.

Alternatively Shut Down the iPad Pro and then Reboot.
This, of course, set everything up afresh.

Both methods have always regained normality for me.