Can`t generate surface


All of the sudden i can`t generate a surface anymore, it seams to be a glitch or something. I attempted with create a full circle surface sonthat i could make a body. Only way to create a surface and body is to angel the grid a bit. Is there any solution to this? I only have iPad gen6 and the Free trail version of Shapr3D.

Can you post a video or a screenshotnof the issue?

The problem is that I can’t select objects in front or top view (2D) I have to tilt the view so that the object is tilting on the grid to be able to select and create a body. I saw that someone else had same issue and I guess that it’s a new normal now after the latest update?

Yes, in 2D mode you can’t select faces. It would be really helpful for our product team to understand why you want to do that. Can you please show an example where this is a problem?