Grid Options and shading

Hi Shapr community!

I have just downloaded the free version of this application, I plan on using it to create some 3d renderings for an online store. I’m having a few issues: I can’t seem to turn the grid off (as in make it invisible), and I’m also wondering if there are any shading or shadow options as well.

I’ve not found anything in Shapr’s online docs and FAQs, so I’m wondering if these options exist at all, or if I just need to buy the Pro version of this software.

Any advice or help would be most welcome.

Kind regards,

Hi Alex, thanks for using Shapr!
You can turn the grid off when making a screenshot with the dedicated tool (share button on the top -> take screenshot). This tool however requires a Pro sub.
Adding shadows is not currently supported by the app. A good alternative is to export the screenshot from Shapr to an app like Procreate or Concepts and add shadows/effects there.
Hope this helps!