Is any of this possible? If not new features I would like to see

Been using Shapr3D for a while now and just signed up for a pro subscription. There are a few features I would really like to see. Some of these might be possible now, maybe I’m just not seeing how to use them so please correct me if any of these are possible.

Export only selected bodies: It’s annoying to have to hide all the other layers just to export the one I want to print then unhide them again.

Use Apple Pencil double taps: It would be nice to set the double taps to something like show/hide constraints or turn snapping on/off, apply previously used color to selected body, etc.

Hide all layers except those selected: I usually have to hide several layers so it would be nice to tap a button to hide everything that isn’t selected.

Show all layers: In the same vein as the previous suggestion it would be nice to show all hidden layers with the tap of a button instead of tapping each individual layer to unhide.

Save screenshot default settings: When I export a screenshot I have to turn on transparency, turn off the grid and lines every time. It would be nice if I could make my preferred screenshot export settings the default.

SVG import/export: This is self explanatory and I’m sure has been suggested before, but it would be a really nice feature to have.

I’m glad this software exists. As a beginner it’s been far easier to learn than any other 3D software I’ve used previously.

Hi, thanks for taking your time to write the feedback.
we appreciate user feedback as we keep improving the app.
These are noted and I will also pass on your feedback :slight_smile: