Little Boy Bomb

Hi all,

First post… Testing Shapr3D (day one of trial period).
Downloaded yesterday, watched few tutorials and here I am… I have previous experience with Sketchup and few other 3D programs, so it wasn’t hard to get going.

Quick question: Any way to make certain lines invisible before taking a screenshot? Thanks in advance!

(Note: 5 min post work in Photoshop, but in future I think I’ll use Procreate.)


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Screengrab from the app included as well for comparison:

Hi - Using the screenshot tool you can get rid of the grid as well as make the background transparent. Here’s how it works:

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking about selecting certain lines on a model and making them invisible (instead rendering the black line). It’s not a big deal, some of that stuff can be cleaned up in Photoshop or Procreate.
Thanks again :wink:

Oh - I see. Not yet possible, but it’s on our roadmap, but won’t happen in the near future.

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I suggest that you might move this forward on your RoadMap for all your many users that only have Shapr and no other rendering apps.

Why? Because most every time we show our designs to a 3rd party, they don’t say great or brilliant or how did you do that! They say, “What’s that line? or What’s that line for?” Breaks up the momentum of the presentation and is demoralizing…

Thanks for listening.




Would it help if you could either enable or disable line rendering during exporting and image?

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I either show designs either:

  • in real time on iPad moving about various views; not sure that any partial solution would work here.

  • via screen shots that end up in documents

Because, I don’t export, your suggestion does not seem to help or I just don’t understand.



Peti meant hiding the edges.

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I was thinking more about hiding certain lines, while keeping others, if that makes sense. Other than that, I love how line rendering looks in Shapr3D.

Getting there slowly… Dredd’s Lawgiver:


In Groups you can obscure sketch lines. Is that of help?

In the meantime, we have added a new feature - you can remove all edges in the Screenshot tool.

You can achieve results like this:

from this model



That’s right see mine below too!
image image


Why doesn’t one to love Shapr?!:smiley: It’s fantastic all the way.