Guānyú shèjì xiàngmù dì fēnzǔ 9/5000 Grouping of design projects

Hello,Glad I finally found our forum. Regarding the use of my design group in the shapr 3d software, I encountered some problems. In my product design work, it often involves many different products, even these products may not belong to the same industry. However, due to the design of shapr 3d itself, the design project opened last is placed at the front. But as time has accumulated, my designs have become more and more, and I need a more effective way to find them, such as the timeline and the way to sort folders.

You can save your designs to iCloud, and create folders there. Have you tried this? If so, maybe I misunderstand your question

Sorry, my English is not good, I can only use Google Translate to describe. Thank you for your suggestion, I will try your method. My problem is that when I need to quickly find a design in the past in shapr 3d, because I have too many projects, they ca n’t group them. Usually a product will have four or five design drafts. Find the project file that I want most.

Google translate works pretty well! I use it often!
I also have many designs. The iCloud files works well, and allows me to find files on both my iPads. I have one at my shop, and one I carry with me. All my designs are filed by folder, and easy to find.