Combine designs in a folder?

Is there a way to create a Folder to organize designs within the design folder? Starts to get messy having so many different designs….???

Not yet, but the devs say it’s on the roadmap.


I’ve read it’s been on the roadmap for 2 years. I want this and sync to other devices without the import export routine. I would switch full time to this if I got both of those and that’s leaving solidworks!

Yes, this is certainly becoming a pain when you have hundreds of designs. Do you think that a simple search could solve the issue? Eg. you’d enter “awesome client” to a search field and then we’d display those designs inly that have “awesome client” in their names.

Hi Istvan…loved watching the visualization show the other day!
On the organizing designs I think a search would be a stop gap but ultimately having folders would be easiest….I am referring to the iPad version. I have multiple designs that lets say share a common component I need printed…then with in the same folder I can store that base design and also have the other variations I have created all in one name place. The search would work but what if I don’t quite recall what I called the design…then we are back to scrolling though all the designs in hope of find the one we need.
I DO like how the thumbnails of the designs show I’m the orientation since the design was last accesses however that too could be an issue of what you are looking for is at an odd angle you you simply don’t recognize it by sight. The. You are left opening multiple designs, rotating them to see if it’s the one your looking for.
Hope this helps. I’m a low level Etsy business that designs and prints SimRacing parts but I seen some places for real basic improvement. Like still have the undo data and and ability to undo things I’m a design once you have left that design and opened another one. If you go back to the previous design the undo data is gone.
Temporarily I swap between Fusion360 and Shapr3D. I really prefer Shapr3D and the tough interface!!! Thank you!!


Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Regular folders would raise a ton of questions, especially around touch interactions (let us be honest: it’s a massive pain in the neck to move around files in the Files app), and sync. Search would be pretty convenient, although it’d require some investment on the user’s side, to properly name all designs.

I’m really glad that you liked the Visualization event! Our marketing team did a fantastic job with it. I just can’t wait to the next one :slight_smile:

Why do you need to swap to Fusion? What’s missing for you in Shapr3D?

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Right now the only real thing missing for me is TEXT on PATH…I assume it’s in the works. Just being able to create a quick Arc…right click text on path or whatever they call it.
Oh and a simple measure tool. The measurements are listed below when an object is selected but sometimes I just need the measurements between 2 poinst without having
to draw a line to find that measurement out. I could just be missing something but that is one function I used a lot in Fusion.

That and persistent undo is about it. That’s why I paid for a Shapr3D subscription and not Fusion. Fusion is great but just beyond what I need. That and the touch and Apple pencil make ALL the difference!!!

It’s great seeing someone your level answering actual emails :slight_smile:


Makes sense, and thanks for sharing! We are catching up quickly :slight_smile:

I wanted to reach out one more time and let you know despite not thinking I would use the new visualization feature. I was wrong and have already been using it…thanks again!


So great to hear that! :slight_smile:

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