Hanger Style Bracket

I’m new to shapr3d, I have searched the tutorials and the forums for something close but haven’t found anything.

I’m trying to create a hanger that has x,y, and z axis angles to it. My plan was to sketch and create a sweep. is there a way of creating a sketch that is connected together on all three planes? Basically a single line that connects on x,y,z axis? I can’t seem to figure out a way to do that… maybe it’s not possible…

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Watch the “Mastering the sweep tool” video on the Shapr3D YouTube channel, it shows how to do this. It’s done using planes and projections.

Here is a quick example I made up just now. Hope it helps.

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Creating the guide curves as a group of edges on a solid body is another solution. That way you don’t need to align sketches on different planes while continuity is also easier to manage


@KPeter_Shapr3D’s approach is a great solution and one that many of us use.

Here is another solution which is a more simplistic approach and one I use occasionally.

You’ll notice that I create my tubular structures by chamfering an extruded box section. This is a favourite method of mine.


Hi Steve,
Nice method. If I may, I did a variation of yours without the use of chamfering and aligns.


This is another great solution. Thanks @TigerMike.

However, I deliberately created the square profile just to demonstrate a completely different method that some might not have thought of.

I often use this approach to create cylinders and spheres in-situ where they would normally be difficult to position or align with other models or where tight bends won’t permit the use of the sweep tool.

Here is a rather unlikely scenario but one where I found my method a little quicker and easier than the standard method of creating guide to sweep a circle…

In fact, using the sweep method, I wasn’t able to sweep around the tight bend between the middle rectangle and the cylinder. However, with my method I was easily able to ‘form’ the pipe in the corner between the two.

And it can be really fast too…

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And Shapr wants me to “pick” the solution… LOL. Wow. Very good solutions all!!