Hangs on the MacBook Air M1

It seems with more holes added to my project, the slower all the computation got. We’re talking about cylinder with mesh holes around it, that’s it. now every time I make move, the waiting icon pops up. This is a baseline MBA. At this point it’s just hung up.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 4.40.42 PM

Could you attach a screenshot of the model? How many of these holes do you have?

Oh a ton of them because I wanted to make a mesh object.

That’s probably the issue.

Most cases it doesn’t really worth modeling a mesh, just indicate it in some way (on the manufacturing drawings) that it is when it’s manufactured.

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Not a solution though, since I’m the one printing it in the end. I guess this is a limitation of Shapr?

You are generating a large amount of surfaces, with more than a ten thousandth of a millimeter accuracy. That leads to a massive amount of high accuracy calculation. As capable as the M1 chip is, it’s not all powerful, every hardware has a limit. A stronger CPU finishes these calculations in less time, so the hang is shorter, but it will always take time.


That makes sense, but the software gives up and doesn’t keep trying. Even after 15 min it can hang. Would the M1 Pro be more capable in this regard? or is there a better solution to doing this myself (ie not sending this out, its not worth that much to me)

Usually CAD is not the best way to make meshes, surface/mesh modelers are more useful for this, for example Blender.