System Requirements

I have an M1 Mac mini I’ve been running shapr on for a while. It runs great. I do however find as models get more complex with high numbers of parts it can start to slow down.

What hardware does shapr use the most? RAM, GPU, CPU? I’ve heard other programs like solidworks get more benefits out of cpu clock speed vs more Gpu power etc


Currently Shapr benefits most from CPU power in case of performance, but the size of the model you can work with mostly depends on the available RAM. E.g. if you have enough RAM, you can import big models, but the performance in the workspace isn’t gonna be great if your CPU isn’t strong enough. At this moment, GPU isn’t really a limiting factor in most cases, unless you run some quite old, low end devices.

We are planning significant performance improvements for Q3, so stay tuned :wink:


Cool, thanks for the info.

Would explain why it runs well with smaller models. My M1 Mac Mini has 16 GB of RAM. So if they offer more RAM on the M2 version I’ll upgrade.

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