Has anyone used Shapr with a OneFinity CNC?

I’m getting a OneFinity CNC in Jan if shipping times hold up. Does anyone else have one or use a CNC with Shapr? My plan is carving signs with it if it will work and get me to the G Code needed. I’m a newbie with CNC but have many years of time using Adobe Creative (AI/PSD) and hoping Shapr will get me where I need to go for carving. If anyone has any feedback, I’d appreciate any tips. THANKS!

I have successfully exported Shapr3D STL files into Aspire for carving on my CNC.

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That is great news McD! A amigo of mine does all his stuff in Vetric so I’ll be using some form of it as well. Thanks for reaching out with an answer in the right direction.

Vectric’s software is excellent. Whether you use VCarve, or Aspire. Importing the STL files from Shapr3D has enabled amazing work!

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I’ve only watched a few vids on what Vetric can do… slick stuff. Decided it will be my go-to for a lot of stuff. Will have to run in Parallels for the Mac but have heard it works great. Looks solid to me.