HBPM Alpha update 5.440 -- new UI, align, scale and a lot more

We have a fresh new release available for testing with many important additions:

  • New: This release comes with a complete refresh of the UI, including a much better integrated, native interface to interact with history steps. Look for the clock icon in the top-right corner to access it.
  • New: Align is now available.
  • New: Scale (both uniform and non-uniform) is now available.
  • New: Rotate Around Axis is now available.
  • New: Sketch constraint references lost due to design history changes are now visualized, making it easier to debug such failures.
  • Improved: New faces generated from existing bodies now properly inherit the material assigned to the original body and these don’t get a default material anymore.
  • Improved: Drawings are no longer lost when you import a design from the production version of Shapr3D.

If you are using TestFlight, it should update automatically. In other cases, you can download the upgraded packages from these links: