HBPM Improvements

in HBPM program It would be nice if you could hide features that are in the history tree instead of having to go to the items tree to do that.

Also could you make the 3 planes that show up when starting a sketch automatically available at the top of the history tree to use when ever it is needed instead of them disappearing every time a sketch is complete, they could be created by default. This could save time by not needing to create ne planes.

Can you tell me if there will be any command added for selecting edges or surfaces thru the part (like a select other) when needing to select a surface or edge without having to rotate the part to get to it or needing to select a surface or edge inside the part.

Thank you

They should show up automatically whenever you need them.When did you want to access them when they were not available?

It’s already available, search for “Show hidden edges”

yes, I think it would be useful to access the 3 default planes when not available because if you wanted a quick section or sketch to check something you could use those planes.

ok I understand picking lines from activating “Show Hidden Lines” but does that also work when trying to pick a hidden surface inside a part.

Thank you

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No. How would you like that to work?

The only way I can see that working is to be able to toggle between shaded mode and wireframe mode. Shapr3D doesn’t allow that. But just for fun, let’s say you could switch to wireframe. Then you could move the cylinder in this example, from one end of the blue line to the other end of the blue line… The second endpoint is completely buried inside the solid… (I don’t know how to draw that line in Shapr3D, but that’s a whole another subject!!!)

Shaded view

Wireframe view

I think the easiest way to be able to pick thru a part to a buried surface would be with a extension to the select command to give the option to “pick other” which would toggle thru the part to pick the surface or even edge that you wanted. For example other Cad programs use the “right mouse click” when using a mouse.

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Yes that’s another option… Right Click, “Select from List”!