Help crating a overlapping shape along a cone?

I am trying to create a shape that follows a cone. I have discovered how to shape a cone, and am able to coil the over lapping shape along a cylinder but I have no idea how to distort/skew the coiled shape to match the cone angle. Is this possible?

Remove the cone from the shape with the Subtract tool. Just make sure to set the Keep Originals option to Removed Bodies so the subtracted cone will remain there and the shape will follow the angle of the cone.

Thanks for responding! I might not understand this correctly. What I am trying to do is like creating a spiraling thread (like a screw) although I need the radius of the spiral to reduce as it rises up the cone. The closest thing I can think would be like a cone shaped auger.

Let me share a video that describes the workflow better. Is this what you were looking for?

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Ahh. that makes perfect sense. Thanks for this. I am still stuck in that I think what I am asking for is impossible as when I try and make the coils overlap, it says the resulting body wouldnt be valid. I think I need to rethink this a little further and perhaps try to remove the negative space on a solid rather than build the positive. I appreciate your help. This was very helpful.