Subtracting A Half Sphere From A Cylinder

I am trying to subtract (or concave; whatever can work) a 1/2 sphere from a cylinder to create a bowl shape, but as can be seen in the picture, it is not working well for me. I would love if anyone can help.

As for the option on the subtraction tool, I chose to keep the + bodies.

EDIT: Because I can only upload 1 picture as a new user, the “1/2 Sphere” is the top cylinder in which the bottom face was convex’d into the shape of a half sphere, and is currently unseeable in the picture; it is going into the + body.

Before we trouble shoot this, tap the front or a side view, and touch the cross section to ensure it’s not working correctly. Sometimes the half sphere is difficult to see when removed.

Here is video clip where I made the sphere red and the cylinder blue. Even when the half sphere is red, it is difficult to tell it’s a bowl. iCloud

Sorry for the late reply, busy student stuff. But the cross section view is blank, empty. I am viewing from the “right” side so without cross section, it is a rectangle (as a cylinder is if you view it from a side; big surprise). I screenshot’d the message on top to help you confirm if I had followed your troubleshooting step.

EDIT: Having watched your video more times than I’m proud to say, I can safely say I have no idea when you did to get the program to do what it did.

After some playing around, I realized another object was created, and it contained the cylinder with a bowl. So the solution was that the subtraction was working, and I just did not understand how keeping the + body negatively impacted my perception. So for cases like this, don’t keep any original bodies lest you end up like me, frustrated for 2 days.

Glad you discovered the cause!