Help creating bodies

i created the attached sketch, extruded it out and then marked it up for mortise and tenon joints thinking i could use the subtract tool to create the bodies i need, which i can’t. Is there a quick method for separating out the bodies i need. i usually just draw the joints but i want to find a faster way.

If this is not the best section for this question just let me know and i’ll move it.

One way is to use a series of Split Bodies followed by some Unions.

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Thanks for that. And that does solve the problem du jour, but I think I am approaching this wrong. Conceptually maybe.

I got to the drawing I posted, because every time I tried to extrude (a tenon) from a face that was at 75 degrees, it was extruding at 75 degrees and I needed it to extrude at 90 degrees, I tried creating a construction plane, but then I lost all of the layout precision required to accurately layout the tenon.

So can I ask. What is the correct way to extrude at 90 degrees from a face that is NOT at 90 degrees.

If I understand your question correctly and as far as I know, there is no way to extrude from a face that is not at 90°, but there are workarounds. Not sure if this is what you’d like to do.


Yes. Thank-you that is faster than what I finally did.

Which was to create the sketch on the angled face and copy - project - it onto a construction plane, which I then rotated to 90 degrees and pulled the tenon out. But your solution is quicker. Much quicker…

Excellent solution Mike :+1:

With Mike’s help and suggestions I managed to build the model as follows.

Now I would like to change things like the dimension of the wood used. Right now it is 20x20mm I want to change it to 20x35mm and have the model update. Is that possible right now? Do I have to switch to the parametric beta?