Extrusion... not able to "push through" desired objects

Hi. I am brand new to Shapr and modeling, so I hope I am explaining this. Here is a simplified version of a woodworking joint I wish to create. This is what is happening (from left to right), and the last image is a photoshopped version of my goal.

  1. This is one piece along one axis. The smaller square in the corner is what I wish to extrude up into the other axes pieces.

  2. This image shows the other two axes/pieces, just for reference. My goal is to have a bit of the inner faces of those two knocked out.

  3. If I pull up that inset square while those other objects are not visible, this is the result.

  4. Mockup of what I would like.

I’m not showing it but if all objects are visible and I grab that inset square it is just the tiny piece (roughly 1/4 of the actual desired square).

Am I going about this all wrong? I’ve checked a bunch of tutorials and topics here in the forum. Thanks!

Hi @berghjon Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:

When you Sketch the Rectangle that is destined to create your Joint, look for the Icon shown at the end of the Dimension Input:

Clicking on that Icon will reveal a Pop Up Option Menu:

Choose New Body and the Subtracted Space will fill in [Shown flipped through 180º:

Pull the appropriate Face to the Dimension required [in this case 7.5mm into the 15mm Material]:

Changed Color for clarity.
Use Tools > Subtract > Select Both Bodies comprising the Joint > Click Next > Switch to Keep Original Top Right:

Actually slide the Switch not as shown > Hit Done

Just shout if you need more help.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Gelphyn I sort of get what you’re saying it just doesn’t seem possible.

I think my problem is I’m trying to come “up” from one piece (in my first image) and I don’t really see any way to come “down” from some point higher up (on the surface of the other two pieces in the second image), thus “subtracting” the space from those two pieces. That would be cool if I could do it and then just extrude up the piece to fill in the gap, I just don’t quite see how to do it. I’ll keep playing around though.

Just turn ALL of the Bodies through 180 degrees and work on the underside.
Sketch the Rectangle > Pull that Up into solid Body > Use the newly created Body to Push Through > Tools > Subtract ensuring that Keep Original is Switched On…

Hi, if you still do not get the desired results, send us your design file via support@shapr3d.com
We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you do not have to keep the connecting bodies as individual bodies, a rough workaround can also to Union the bodies
Draw a rectangular sketch on the newly joined surface and then make the extrude