Help with a star form

Sorry if it was already answered before but i can’t find it…
I am trying to make a 3D star like this for both sides but i dont know how to do it. Can anyone please help? I will really appreciate!

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NB. Please see ADDENDUM below

This is one way to achieve the objective, in the following the choices of Sizes do not necessarily have to be as shown.
This assumes that Show - Midpoint is selected in Preferences [Magnet bottom right Menu]

Start using Sketch > Polygon > choosing the Pentagon option then Sketch the ‘Star’:

Next use Sketch > Trim to remove the unwanted Lines:

Then tilt the Star so that the Light Blue fill can be seen, and Tap on each of the facets [one more to do as shown]:

Next drag the Double Arrow to HALF of the Thickness required, Tap on the Extrusion Measurement and adjust as required:

Select ALL Edges as shown then select Scale from the side Menu:

Pull the Scale Slider downward and then Tap on the Percentage [%] and enter numeral 1, note typing 0 will not alter the percentage:

Rotate the Star so that to other side is visible and repeat the above starting with the Selection of all the facets. This will create a Star matching the measurements chosen:


The above leaves a small defect, that may not be acceptable.
A better and easier way is to Trim all Lines inside the Star [a few left to Trim]:

Exit the Trim tool by Tapping on Line/Arc and Extrude by pulling the Double Arrow to half the required thickness:

If this is 1.5mm then adjust the Draft Angle to 60º:

Using Transform > Move/Rotate > hit the :heavy_plus_sign: Icon to Copy and then Rotate the Star 180º

Align the two Bodies back to back and use Tools > Union if required.

If you need more help just shout, happy S3Ding.


Awwww! it worked! i was not selecting the edges and thats why it didnt work. Thank you so so much!

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Thank you for your response. Pleased to learn of your success.

Forgot to add above an easier alternative, without the facets on the Face, is to Select the whole Face to enable using the Draft feature.

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